Whiting World Wide, Inc.
Bringing the World to Your Door.

U.S. Export Logistics Services

International Freight Forwarders & Consolidators for over Three Decades

Whiting World Wide, Inc. has provided freight forwarding and consolidation services to many destinations all over the world. Our reputation of outstanding service has been at the cornerstone of our success.

We take pride in being recognized as a leader in the export business of South Florida. Our broad range of capabilities enables us to provide our customers with solutions to their varied shipping needs.

With that we say thank you, and welcome to Whiting World Wide, Inc.

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Whiting Worldwide, Inc. offers various services

Brief Overview of our Services

  • Freight Forwarding & Carrier Brokerage
    1. Whiting Air Freight
    2. Whiting Ocean Freight
    3. Whiting Domestic Inland Freight
    4. 30 Years Business Experience with All the Leading Freight Lines
    5. Competitive Rates through our Rate Research and Negotiation
    6. U.S. Export Forwarder
    7. TSA Certified Forwarder / Warehouse / Screening Facility CCSF
  • Warehousing, Storage & Distribution
    1. Sea Container Loading & Unloading
    2. Air Freight Consolidation & Palletizing
    3. Truck Trailer Loading & Unloading
    4. Dry & Cooler Storage Facilities
    5. Packing & Crating
    6. Domestic Inland Distribution
  • Documentation Handling, Insurance & E-Services
    1. International Banking & Letters Of Credit
    2. Air Freight & Ocean Freight Negotiable Instruments
    3. S.G.S. Control Services Documentation
    4. EXIM/BANKING AID/Banking
    5. Intransit-In Bond Customs Documentation
    6. USDA, NAFTA, Consulate, Certificate Of Origin & Chamber Of Commerce Certificates, Caricom Invoices
    7. Bill of Ladings & Air-waybills

Our Sector Focus

  • Perishables
    1. Live Day Old Baby Chicks
    2. Broiler Hatching Eggs
    3. Seafoods
    4. Produce
    5. Groceries
    6. Animal Feeds, Pet Foods & Pet Products
    7. Packaged Dry, Chilled & Frozen Foods
    8. Beverages
    9. U.S.D.A. Certification
    10. Temperature Controlled Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
    1. Medical Supplies
    2. Blood Plasma
    3. Vaccines
    4. Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
    1. Cleaning Products
    2. Office & Home Supplies
    3. Beauty & Hygiene Products
    4. Consumer Electronics
    5. Convenience Store Products

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