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Our Services

At Whiting World Wide, Inc., we offer an array of services. Please browse through our services by clicking on a service bar below to expand upon the type of services we offer. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.



Freight Forwarding & Carrier Brokerage

Whiting Air Freight

  • We choose from a wide variety of Airlines to meet your specific needs
  • By comparing Airlines we provide you competitive shipping rates
  • We can provide personalized Airfreight Consolidation & Palletizing
  • Complete Shipment Handling & Arrangement
  • Expertise in the Proper Handling of Sensitive Cargo
  • TSA Licensed Forwarder

Whiting Air Freight

Whiting Ocean Freight

  • FCL (Full Container Loads)
  • LCL (Less Than Container Loads)
  • Licensed NVOCC and Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI)
  • Complete Shipment Handling & Arrangement
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Container Loading / Unloading & Consolidation Services
  • Reefer & Dry Container Handling
  • Export Ready Packaging and Crating
  • Cartage and Inland Freight Haulage by Truck or Rail
  • Get the Best Rates through Our Rate Research & Negotiations

Whiting Ocean Freight

Whiting Inland Freight

  • Fast & Reliable Nationwide Pick Up & Deliveries
  • Full Truck Loads & Less than Truck Load Services
  • Dry & Refrigerated Truck Trailer Service
  • Loading & Unloading of Truck Trailers
  • Competitive Rates through our Rate Contracts, Research & Negotiations

Whiting Inland Freight

Warehousing, Storage & Distribution


Warehouse & Storage Services are essential in the International Freight Forwarding business, and Whiting World Wide offers these facilities and more. Our warehousing facilities include over 40,000 square feet for bonded and non-bonded merchandise.

Other related services we provide include:

storage Services

Many of our clients find it economical to use warehousing and storage facilities offered by Whiting World Wide. Compared to the cost of renting their own warehouse, hiring the personnel, purchasing equipment and securing insurance coverage, many find that utilizing our storage services just makes more sense for their bottom line.

distribution services

A number of our clients are involved with what is termed the "807 Program." These companies send various components to destinations outside the U.S. The components are assembled into a finished product and imported back into the U.S. After the merchandise clears U.S. Customs, Whiting World Wide has the cargo picked up and delivered to the warehouse. The merchandise is segregated, packed in cardboard boxes, labled and then shipped to various retail outlets. Once again, our clients find it significantly more economical to have these shipments distributed by Whiting World Wide.

packing & crating services

Packing Due to lack of proper handling facilites and the lack of proper equipment at some destinations of the world, many of our clients require that export boxing and crating be provided for their merchandise.

We take pride in providing this service for packing anything from a glass mirror to a 20,000-pound diesel generator set. Our mission is to get your cargo to its destination as quickly as possible. and always intact.

Air freight consolidation & palletizing services

Airfreight consolidation has become the backbone of their Air Freight Industry. The Airlines have been able to offer their best rates to forwarders that can provide them with full pallet positions for their aircraft. This lowers the Airlines cost because they do not have to personnel to handle so many smaller shipments. At Whiting World Wide, Inc., we provide Consolidation Services by Air to many destinations in the caribbean and Central and South America. In addition to providing this service to our clients we also feel that our clients should share in the benefits of the consolidation by offering them lower airfreight rates.

Cartage & Delivery Services

One of the best things the South Florida Area has going for it is the fact that we have so many ways to provide export service to our clients. On the Air Freight side we have two international Airports; Miami International Airport, and Fort Lauderdale International Airport. On the Ocean Freight side we can offer; The Port of Miami, Miami River Terminals, Port Everglades, and The Port of Palm Beach. All of these facilities offer the best export services not only to the Caribbean, Central & South America but to destinations all over the World. Getting your merchandise to all or any of these port facilities is a matter of routine. We can provide you with local Cartage & Delivery Service to any destination in the quad-county area. This would include Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and Monroe County.

Sea Container Services

Sea Containers Since a good number of our clients are located outside the Miami Area, they do require that we receive their merchandise and swing-load it into the ocean going containers.

This service is provided in an efficient and professional manner. By properly loading and unloading these containers we allow our clients to take advantage of full-containerized shipping. Thus, allowing them to get the best buy for their shipping dollar.

Partitioning Refrigerated Containers

Cooler storage facility

Cooler Storage Perishables, Perishables, Perishables. They are becoming a big part of the export business in South Florida. We are pleased to be able to be one of the forwarders that is recognized as a true expert in handling of perishable commodities.

In addition to our experience in this area we are able to offer cooler storage service to our clients. From live plants to hatching eggs, to blood plasma. The cooler facility of 1,500 square feet of space is ready to be of service 24 hours a day.

Charter and part charter services

Since a good portion of our business is in the Area of Hatching Eggs and Live Day Old Baby Chicks many of our clients have required that we be able to provide dependable charter service to any destination in the world. From a single engine aircraft flying blood plasma to Bahamas to a DC-8 loaded with day old baby chicks destined to Guyana. We are ready to provide the type of Service your commodity may require.


Documentation Handling, Insurance & E-Services

Documentation & handling Services


Documentation. Every shipment begins with it. If your shipment gets to the carrier and the documentation is invalid, it's here that your troubles really begin.

At Whiting World Wide, Inc. there's no need to worry. All of our personnel involved in documentation and in the handling of commercial shipping documents have a complete background in the processing of export documentation. Every one of our supervisory staff has at least ten years of experience in this field.


The types of Documentation Services that are Provided include:

  • International Banking & Letters Of Credit
  • Air Freight & Ocean Freight Negotiable Instruments
  • S.G.S. Control Services Documentation
  • Intransit-In Bond Customs Documentation
  • USDA, NAFTA, Consulate, Certificate Of Origin & Chamber Of Commerce Certificates, Caricom Invoices
  • Bill of Ladings & Air-waybills

Apart from all other services we provide, documentation is the one service that is realized by both the shipper and the consignee. We know that it is through our documentation processes that our reputation is proven to our customers. Because of that, clean, concise and complete documentation is our company's absolute first priority.

Shipment Insurance Options

FOB Insurance - Covers solely the value of the cargo be shipped.

C & F Insurance - Covers the value of the cargo, freight charges, handling cost and all other fees applicable to the shipment.

Cargo Insurance


At Whiting World Wide we have implemented state of the art software technology that gives our customers unparalleled shipment transparency and visibility. Please view these service details below.

Whiting Transaction Tracking

This is an email system that sends emails automatically to our clients involved a shipment when the shipment has been created on our system and booked with the transportation carrier. Customers can view shipment details such as:

  • Bill of Lading #'s
  • Container #'s
  • Airway Bill #'s
  • Straight Bill of Lading #'s
  • Purchase Order #'s
  • Transport Carrier Details
  • Departure Date
  • Est. Time of Arrival



Also included are any customer reference numbers needed for easy identification of your cargo. With this information provided to you, next you can log on to our tracking page and choose the appropriate transportation carrier tracking link and input the required information needed that we provide in the Transaction Tracking email.

With this system instituted for your company you will be able to view the live status of your cargo and never be in the dark again with regards to your shipments status because you will have the information and tools needed to stay informed.


Our Sector Focus


Perishable - EggsPerishable - ChickensPerishable - Fruits

We handle perishables

Perishable. The word itself demands attention.

In the shipping world, the word "perishable" alerts us to the fact that we have to react in an efficient and speedy manner. What that action or reaction is, comes down to a matter of experience.

At Whiting World Wide we have been dealing with the shipping of perishable commodities from the time of our incorporation.

We are, indeed, recognized as one of the true experts in the forwarding of perishable commodities.

An entire department of our company is dedicated to the handling and exporting of the various commodities that are termed perishable.

These commodities include:

  • Live Day Old Baby Chicks
  • Broiler Hatching Eggs
  • Chilled Fruits & Vegetables
  • Chilled or Frozen Seafoods
  • Meat & Beef Products
  • Live Plants & Plant Cuttings
  • Packaged Dry, Chilled & Frozen Foods
  • Groceries
  • Beverages
  • U.S.D.A. Certification
  • Temperature Controlled Supply Chain


Whiting World Wide is a member of the Southeastern Poultry & Egg Association. We serve on the association's Air Freight Committee, working to impress upon the various airlines the importance of proper handling techniques in shipping live day-old chicks and hatching eggs.

At Whiting World Wide, we do whatever it takes to ensure a safe and final arrival of each consignment. And it's the reason you can count on us - every time -- for the successful shipping of your perishable commodities.



Just as in the perishable industry the healthcare sector requires reliability & speed in the supply chain. People's well beings are dependent on fast and safe delivery of these vital products. This is where we come in. We understand and fulfill the needs of healthcare providers by offering the following services:

  • Knowledge of and Compliance with Domestic & International Regulations
  • Proper Certifications
  • Secure Facilities & Systems
  • Temperature Controlled Facilities & Transports
  • Sterile and Sanitary Facilities & Supply Chain's
  • State of the Art Shipment Transparency Technology & E-Services

Some of the commodities we handle include:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Blood Plasma
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceuticals

Medical SuppliesVaccines

Consumer Packaged Goods

As the global economy expands every day it is becoming increasingly more important that Americas producing companies do not miss out on the export market growth. That's where we come in, we understand the importance of time to market, as well as the flow of goods to markets as new ones open around the world. US made Consumer Packaged Goods or CPG's are increasingly in demand because their quality and reliability are unmatched around the world. Wherever an opportunity is in the world, Whiting World Wide will deliver your companies goods and products in the fastest, most reliable and consistent way possible at very competitive service cost.

Some of these commodities we handle include:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Office & Home Supplies
  • Beauty & Hygiene products
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Convenience Store Products

Office SuppliesToilet Paper

HygieneCleaning Products